Kateřina Staňková
Assistant Professor in Game Theory

MSc & Bc project proposals

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Visiting addresses:

Room 1.006
Networks and Strategic Optimization
Department of Data Science & Knowledge Engineering
Maastricht University
Bouillonstraat 8-10
6211 LH Maastricht
The Netherlands
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Room HB05.270
Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics
Delft University of Technology
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands

Postal address:
Department of Data Science & Knowledge Engineering
Maastricht University
P.O. Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands

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Main research interests:                   
  • Game theory in modeling and control of complex systems (e.g. biological systems, traffic systems, swarm robotic systems)
  • Stackelberg games and inverse Stackelberg games
  • Evolutionary game theory
  • Predator-prey games

I am in the consortium of the recently granted project Four C Modelling. Within this project, I am collaborating with UIC Chicago and Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, Florida) on development of game theoretical methods to understand and treat cancer.

I work at the Department of Data Science & Knowledge Engineering. Do you know what the Knowledge Engineering is?

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Some (rather randomly picked) recent papers/book chapters:                   
  • "A game theoretical approach to microbial coexistence" - together with M. Abrudan, L. Yu, and F. Thuisjman, Annals of International Society for Dynamic Games, Advances in Dynamic Games, to appear
  • "Dual technology energy storage system applied to two complementary energy markets" - together with H. M. L. Ferreira et al., Proceedings of EEM2015 (journal publication on this topic is in preparation)
  • "Stackelberg and inverse Stackelberg road pricing games” - together with A. Boudewijn, Game Theoretic Analysis of Congestion (K. Hausken and J. Zhuang, Eds.), Series in Reliability Engineering Safety and Security, Springer, December 2014
  • "The adaptive dynamics of life histories: From fitness-returns to selection gradients and Pontryagin's maximum principle" - together with J.A.J. Metz and J. Johansson, Journal of Mathematical Biology, to appear
  • "Intra-seasonal Strategies Based on Energy Budgets in a Dynamic Predator-Prey Game" - together with A. Abate and M. W. Sabelis, Annals of International Society for Dynamic Games, Vol. 13, 2013
Keywords:    dynamic games and optimal control for large-scale systems;
                      incentives; road pricing games; games in energy markets
                      evolutionary games; predator-prey problems; (inverse )Stackelberg games;