Kateřina Staňková
Associate Professor in Dynamic Game Theory

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Visiting address:

Room A3.230
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Delft University of Technology
Jaffalaan 5
2628 BX Delft
The Netherlands

Postal address:

P.O. Box 5015
2600 GA Delft
The Netherlands


Main research interests:                   
  • Stackelberg evolutionary games; stability properties of such games
  • Spatial and nonspatial evolutionary game theory, especially focusing on the impact of the evolutionary (=strategy) and ecological (=population) speed on the outcomes of the games
  • Dynamic game theory in modeling and control of complex systems (recently mostly "games against nature" or "games for nature")
Bits and pieces:                   
  • Recently, I have been awarded the Delft Technology Fellowship. Therefore, since September 1, 2021, I became associate professor and Delft Technology Fellow at the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management at the Delft University of Technology. I am going to build/strengthen the research in game theory and bio-inspired mathematical models and their application in healthcare here.
  • I lead the Innovative Training Network "EVOGAMESPLUS: Evolutionary games and population dynamics: from theory to applications". It has been the only ITN grant in mathematics awarded in 2020. A bit more on this here .
  • I also lead NWO KLEIN2 project "Improving treatment of metastatic cancers through game theory and dynamical systems theory". A bit more on this here .
  • In December 2020, I received the NWO Stairway to Impact Award for my work on game theory in designing better cancer treatment.

For Bachelor and Master thesis projects see this page. This site needs to be updated, hopefully that will happen soon.

Some (rather randomly picked) recent papers:
  • "Fisheries management as a Stackelberg Evolutionary Game: Finding an evolutionarily enlightened strategy" - together with M. Salvioli, J. Dubbeldam, and J.S. Brown, PLOS ONE, January 2021.
  • "Optimizing Cancer Treatment Using Game Theory" - together with J.S. Brown, W. S. Dalton and Robert A. Gatenby, JAMA Oncology, 2019
  • "Optimal Control to Reach Eco-Evolutionary Stability in Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate " - together with J. J. Cunningham, Y. Viossat, J.S. Brown, F. Thuijsman, R. Peeters, and R.A. Gatenby, accepted by PLOS One in November 2020.
  • "A Two-Phenotype Model of Immune Evasion by Cancer Cells" - together with P. Bayer and J.S. Brown, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2018