Climbing in The Netherlands?


Many climbers ended up in The Netherlands, a country without mountains and rocks. Luckily for us, there are many nice climbing halls here, where we can train our technique before we manage to get to the real rocks.

Because since April 2012 I have been traveling quite a lot between Delft and Maastricht (and sometimes I end up even in Groningen), I have discovered quite some interesting climbing & bouldering places. And of course, there are Dutch climbing halls that you should never miss!

Climbing and bouldering places that I can recommend are:

I am a member of the climbing group "Climbers Anonymous". The group meets regularly to climb indoors and we organize trips for climbing outdoors. The fixed time for the climbing indoors is Tuesday evening, when the group meets in the Klimmuur Den Haag (just on the other side of the the train station Den Haag HS). Additionally, we have a mailing list via which we can agree on other climbing days in the week and climbing in different climbing halls and outdoors. As I am currently in Maastricht on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, instead of joining the group on Tuesday I often boulder in Graviton in Sittard or climb in the I-vy climbing hall in Sittard. In the weekend, we often meet for bouldering in Delfts Bleau in Delft.

If you want to join the Climbers Anonymous group with climbing (no previous experience needed), please contact me via email or contact us via the mailing list.